Hi `This is Yicheng Luo need help for JN10(invite letter)


Hi `This is Yicheng Luo need help for JN10(invite letter)

投稿記事by Yicheng Luo » 2010年3月18日(木) 19:06

Dear Japanese Yoyo friends:

This is Yicheng Luo from China,,Last year I tried to come to JN09,and Taka helped me very much to send me invite letter and documents. But the H1N1 plague delayed me,so that the document arrived too late, I didn't have enough time to apply for visa , so I gave up and practice for Worlds09..After Worlds09, I heard about 44re contest, so I went to Chongqing by train to apply for visa again, but when I got there they told me my documents were just expired, so I failed visa again :( :( . I want to come to watch JN contest very much because I think it's quite a good contest,so many high-skilled players I really want to study from them@-@ But I need invite letter and some documents once more so that I can apply for Japan Visa.. I mailed Hiro,but I'm not sure if info@jyyf.org is his email? If you someone can contact him ,could you help me to tell him about this? Thanks a lot!
Yicheng Luo
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登録日時: 2010年3月18日(木) 18:48

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